TEAM SYSTEM has been working on the project entitled "Building a Telecommunications Network on the Existing Railway Infrastructure in Bosnia-Herzegovina" since 1999 and is ready to offer the project to international operators and investors.





The present situation with 3 independent regional operating telcos with no national network together with the imminent liberalisation and the obligatory need for a national coverage offers an unique chance for a national carrier operating a competitive network in all 3 regions. National coverage requirements within the new licences for the 3 mobile operators and a fast growing Internet business increases market demand for carrier services.

The project

The project, planning an uninterrupted fibre network on the tracks of all 3 railway administrations with existing and commercially very attractive contracts for the rights of way is ideally suited to explore and realize this competitive advantage and unique market position. The business model covers the offering of carrier services, Internet services and VOIP. A preliminary business plan shows a pay back period of 2,4 years with an estimated total project cost of EUR 40.000.000,--.

Present status

The project has been developed with the full support of the respective authorities and represents the first national accepted inter entity telecom project (included in the national development plan). The technical planning has been finalised and the company presently negotiates partnerships with operators and financial institutions.


TEAM SYSTEM offers an early - unique - market positioning securing competitive advantages for the developing telecom market in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The development of a backbone infrastructure secures a head on position for the privatisation and liberalisation.
The project is of national interest and supports the international efforts for the development of the country.
TEAM SYSTEM has successfully developed the technical aspects and accepts management control by the new partners.

Details of existing contracts, implementation phases, evaluation of cost elements, market segmentation, customer profiles as well as an initial business plan are available.

For further information on this project please contact Mr. Jordan via telephone +43-4242-22810-20 or send an e-mail to Harald Jordan