LDB allows the administration and documentation of a large network.

All active and passive equipment form the provider to the customer can be covered in a single solution.

LDB aims to attract small to mediumsized telecom operators who want a lean tool to administrate their networks.

The solution integrates the whole process from the worker installing the equipment, to the help desk, billing and desaster recovery.


LDB is a framework of Team-System allowing to tailor fitting solutions, starting to go productive within several weeks instead of several months.

Basemodule LDB

The Basemodule LDB is a documentation of the physical network in a relational Database. No matter which sort of lines, switches or other equipment is used, from copper lines to optical fibres all components are documentet and contain their own special set of properties. The database contains a ruleset that secures that the data entered is valid.

The base module also allows to enter new lines/equipment and to visualize the existing connections. All data can be printed into lists.

As additional service Team-system offers assistance in the migration of existing data into the LDB.

Module Network Management and Core Processes

This module aims to increase the efficiency of network management and all core processes.

  • Configuration and Trafficmanagement
    • Identify and react to the traffic within the network
    • Planning and execution of all traffic management tasks
  • Network Analysis
    • Qualitycontrol
    • Profitcontrol
    • "Living" documentation
  • Zyclical
  • Escalation Strategies: Definition of alarms and of appropriate reactions.
  • Alarms: Integration of different alarms into a single piece of software.

Module Customer Care

This module enables you to increase the efficiency in all interactions with your customer.

  • Customeraccount: new, moving, close.
  • Customer Care: queries, complaints, billing problems.
  • Alarms
  • Call Center