Team-System started 1998 with its first telecommunication project at LTN Liechtenstein.

During this project the LDB was developed in order to be able to manage the existing network.

Additionally we develop promising new ideas into concepts that can be sold to telecom companies.


After the end of the war the destroyed bosnian telecommunication system needs to be rebuild in order to guarantee an infrastructure that attracts foreign investors to Bosnia-Herzogovina.

At present the three different ethnic entities in Bosnia have their own telecom operators covering the regional needs with ancient equipment. The modernisation and integration of all those parts of a future network will be fostered by the project and lead Bosnia into a new age of overregional telecommunication.

Team System has the rights to build an optical fibre network next to the tracks of the Bosnian Railways. 80% of the Bosnian population live within 10 km on both sides of those tracks making Team System the ideal partner for future projects as GSM or UMTS.

Local engineers have worked for two years to plan every technical detail and draw a digital map covering every inch of the planned optical fibre. In addition a technical study summarising the project in several hundred pages has also been produced.


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 LDB Liniendatenbank

LDB is a database for the documentation and administration of networks containing all active and passive equipment. Most solutions cover only parts of telecommunication networks, while LDB is able to handle any piece of equipment.

The LDB was developed for a relatively small telecommunication network with around 30.000 extensions. Different types of lines, switches and otther equipment had to be covered. As no software able to handle this was available at the market Team-System decided to accept the challenge and started to develop LDB.

Today the LDB has become a framework that can be tailored to the needs of our customers. As every telecom has its own specialities and existing documentations, these have to be covered in the preproject-phase in order to guarantee a smooth transition to LDB.

LDB allows you to administrate your network within a single solution, giving you an increase in efficiency and reducing reaction times critical for your SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

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